Main data handling challenges encountered

Additionally, data ownership and reproducibility is important to be defined under a code of conduct and structured way

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Electric vehicle policies

Enhancement of existing financial, societal and environmental campaigns to promote carbon-free benefits and provide feasible policies' recommendations for national authorities.

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relevant to vehicles which run on tracks (trains, trams, etc.)

Commercial and logistics adaptation

public acceptance and consultation is essential for the transportation of several kinds of products (i.e pharmaceuticals, agri-food) in order to reduce waiting times and keep products fresh.

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Cooperation at national and international level

OSCAR EU project is going starting point for that point together with BE OPEN project and similar initiatives.

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relevant to boat, ship etc., over a body of water, such as a sea, ocean, lake, river, etc.

Process automation

in this case, it can be examined the usage of advanced IT applications and augmented reality for ship maneuvering during berth at the harbor area (automation level 3 applications).

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Registration: step-by-step

Video for registration on the "ECTRI TG Transport Economics and Policies" Category of TOPOS

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