regulations, action plans, policy instruments, incentives etc.

Regulate and certify new technology

Lack of data collaboration and sharing among institutions and the lack of understanding between transportation experts and data scientists is a key factor for the proper cooperation framewrok between stakeholders

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new technologies and innovative actions applied for technological improvements, processes automation etc.

Efficient exchange of information - resilient journeys

Enhance cyber-security & efficient data exchange to create a more resilient and faster aviation environment.

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actions, plans and initiatives related to sustainable transport vision

Cooperation at national and international level

Support innovation and research in aviation sector to remain on the competitive level.

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actions and methods to earn revenues and achieve higher performance

actions, plans and initiatives for achieving higher finance, better accessibility, higher level of service etc.

actions, plans and initiatives to minimize pollutant emissions, greenhouse effect, noise pollution etc.

Designing aircrafts

Enhance technological innovation in designing aircrafts in order to reduce the environmental impacts and invest into sustainable environment as long-life expectancy of an aircraft, around 25 years, make it a challenge in aviation.

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