regulations, action plans, policy instruments, incentives etc.

Cooperation between manufacturers

Lack of data collaboration and sharing among institutions and the lack of understanding between transportation experts and data scientists is a key factor for the proper cooperation framewrok between stakeholders

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new technologies and innovative actions applied for technological improvements, processes automation etc.

Consideration of alternative solutions

Open infrastructure collecting the existing scientifc data on railway technologies comparative analyses and utilization could be provided in a regional or EU level

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actions, plans and initiatives related to sustainable transport vision

Open risk management framework

Adaptation of an open access risk management and monitoring framework for rail transport providers in order to easily request public consultation and provide risk mitigation actions to avoid reail network breakdowns.

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actions and methods to earn revenues and achieve higher performance

Commercial and logistics adaptation

public acceptance and consultation is essential for the transportation of several kinds of products (i.e pharmaceuticals, agri-food) in order to reduce waiting times and keep products fresh.

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actions, plans and initiatives for achieving higher finance, better accessibility, higher level of service etc.

Improve accessibility of handicapped population to the rail transport

This could be achieved by the active participation of local/national rail transport authorities, NGOs and general public in order to identify the current barriers and prioritize the problems as funding won't be sufficient to cover all issues

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actions, plans and initiatives to minimize pollutant emissions, greenhouse effect, noise pollution etc.

Electric railway vehicles

Electric trains already exist and high potential could provide gas products and hydrogen for passenger trains.

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