regulations, action plans, policy instruments, incentives etc.

Safety and security

This requires to tackle existing innefficiencies, such as lack of financing or business models, lack of standards in databases and lack of data quality

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new technologies and innovative actions applied for technological improvements, processes automation etc.

Process automation

in this case, it can be examined the usage of advanced IT applications and augmented reality for ship maneuvering during berth at the harbor area (automation level 3 applications).

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actions, plans and initiatives related to sustainable transport vision

Maritime spatial planning

The importance of a regional maritime spatial data infrastructure (Mediterrenean, Baltic, Atlantic, etc.) as a EU CSA action is necessary to assist maritime transport providers and promote awarness of vulnerable environental coastal or oceanic zones

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actions and methods to earn revenues and achieve higher performance

actions, plans and initiatives for achieving higher finance, better accessibility, higher level of service etc.

Improve cooperation for blue circular economic activities

As national and regional projects focusing on blue circular economy applications are promoted more and more in all coastal EU countries, a collaborative mechanism should be established to gather and filter the existing data outputs on these projects

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actions, plans and initiatives to minimize pollutant emissions, greenhouse effect, noise pollution etc.

Promote usage of alternative fuels for maritime vessels

hybrid vessels could be more sustainable and affordable (diesel engine & batteries, hydrogen FC & electric motors, etc.)

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