regulations, action plans, policy instruments, incentives etc.

Main data handling challenges encountered

Additionally, data ownership and reproducibility is important to be defined under a code of conduct and structured way

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new technologies and innovative actions applied for technological improvements, processes automation etc.

Intergration of multi-modal transport systems

This can focus also on the logistics sector, more specifically integrating automation systems for cargo handling during shift mode of transport for cargo carriage (i.e. waterborne to rail/road mode of transport)

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actions, plans and initiatives related to sustainable transport vision

Optimization of public transport during night hours

Hello to the community!

A very interesting aspect could be the optimization of all public transport modes (underground, bus, railway, etc.) through a coordinated multi-modal platform in which all transport service providers could share data for passengers preference

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actions and methods to earn revenues and achieve higher performance

Public transport mode schedulling schemes

Demographic trends, mulit-modal transport options and IT smart services could alter existing transport schedule tables in each city district through interactive, adaptable applications

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actions, plans and initiatives for achieving higher finance, better accessibility, higher level of service etc.

Promotion & education webinars for Open Science best practices

Greetings to all the community! I would like to refer/ask in this case, if BE OPEN project or other similar project provides information through a webinar or presentations about existing Open Science best practices from past & ongoing EU or regional projects?

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actions, plans and initiatives to minimize pollutant emissions, greenhouse effect, noise pollution etc.

Reduction of energy consumption

open source simulation software could solve this issue however each transport mode has to be tackled differently in an investigated area/region. Following that indivdual outcomes will examined in aholistoc manner in a city environment with multiple modes of transportation.

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