regulations, action plans, policy instruments, incentives etc.

Main data handling challenges encountered

Lack of data collaboration and sharing among institution

Lack of access to different data sources and data variability

Potential of open data not fully realized

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new technologies and innovative actions applied for technological improvements, processes automation etc.

Intergration of multi-modal transport systems

Analyze the impact of innovation technologies to relevant stakeholders and end users.

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actions, plans and initiatives related to sustainable transport vision

Mobility planning solutions and technologies

Map local assets and local needs for shared mobility in order to adapt the response to the real users’ needs.

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actions and methods to earn revenues and achieve higher performance

integrated mobility services can help Mobility as a Service (MaaS) schemes

Foster collaboration between transport and mobility service providers in order to support Mobility as a Service (MaaS) schemes.

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actions, plans and initiatives for achieving higher finance, better accessibility, higher level of service etc.

Encourage open business models

Open Business Model Canvas – created by Paul Stacey and his colleagues from Creative Commons (2015) could be a promising framework used for Open Science initiatives that promote research & innovation actions

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actions, plans and initiatives to minimize pollutant emissions, greenhouse effect, noise pollution etc.

Reduction of energy consumption

Analyze the driving style and modality in order to study the reduction of energy inefficiencies.

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